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Conan O’Brien dishes on his make-out session with Ryan Reynolds

Conan O’Brien dishes on his make-out session with Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Conan O"Brien share a long kiss in re-enactment of The Notebook

Conan O’Brien was asked this week about his most famous – and longest – on-screen kiss.

It was last November and it was with Ryan Reynolds.

‘We kissed each other I think for like a record,’ O’Brien said Tuesday (23 May) on Watch What Happens Live.

‘It went on for a bout a minute and 20 seconds to the point where he’s putting his – he starts doing stuff to my ear while we’re making out.’

‘O’Brien added: ‘He’s one of my favorite people – he’s an amazing guy.’

Reynolds had dropped by O’Brien’s late night talk show and O’Brien claimed to not remember his lost weekend in Tijuana with one of the hunkiest men in movies.

But Reynolds said he had the video to prove it and this led to a clip of Notebook 2 starring him and ‘Conan McAdams.’ (The Notebook starred Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams).

Reynolds explained: ‘Remember that vacation that we took in Tijuana a couple of years ago (and) we split that bottle of Absinthe? Well, we fell in love and I filmed it.’

The bit has the pair standing in the rain with Reynolds in a white shirt and jeans. O’Brien is regrettably wearing a dress in pearls.

After the two ex-lovers realize they had never gotten over each other at the 5:11 mark, Reynolds pulls O’Brien in and they share what is actually a 24-second kiss complete with groping and fingers through the hair – and in the ear.

They are both left breathless.

Reynolds showed again in January he doesn’t mind locking lips with guys when he made out with Andrew Garfield at their table at the Golden Globe Awards.

Reynolds had just lost the best actor in a comedy or musical award to Gosling.