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Conor Kennedy pleads guilty to bar fight during which he defended gay friend

‘He called my friend the F-word,’ the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy told police

Conor Kennedy pleads guilty to bar fight during which he defended gay friend
Photo via Facebook
Conor Kennedy was arrested in Aspen after standing up for gay friend

Conor Kennedy pleaded guilty in Aspen this week to a misdemeanor charge connected to a fight that began after he stood up for gay friend.

The 22-year-old son of Robbert Kennedy Jr. and grandson of the late Robert Kennedy got into a fight in late December outside the nightclub Bootsy Bellows.

Kennedy reprimanded a group of four men and asked them to apologize to his friend after they were heard making homophobic comments.

One of the men went back and apologized to Kennedy’s friend, but at around 1.40am when everyone was leaving, two of the men used more homophobic slurs. Kennedy once again asked them to stop and that is when the fight broke out.

A police officer already at the scene on another matter saw Kennedy pull the man to the ground. He said he saw Kennedy punch the man four or five times in the back of his head with his fists.

Kennedy later apologized to police and was described as cooperative, compliant and respectful towards the police.

‘He called my friend the F-word,’ Kennedy told police after his arrest.

Kennedy was given a six month deferred sentence by a judge. The arrest will be erased from his record if he stays out of trouble and doesn’t drink or do drugs over that period.


Kennedy is also known for his brief romantic relationship with Taylor Swift in 2012.

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