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Conservative activist suggests ex-gays should be in Star Trek series

Conservative activist suggests ex-gays should be in Star Trek series

Anthony Rapp

The latest Star Trek series is drawing praise for including the television franchise’s first same-sex couple.

Actors Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz  play the couple on Star Trek: Discovery.

But not everyone is happy with this breakthrough for the Trek television universe.

Right-wing activist Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth has suggested that Star Trek should ‘balance’ the number of gay characters on TV by having some ‘ex-gay’ characters.

Speaking on radio station VCY America, LaBarbera recommended the media include more characters who have cured themselves of homosexuality.

‘The homosexual activists are never satisfied, they always want more, more, more,’ LaBarbera said. ‘We have yet to see an ex-gay, a former homosexual prominently portrayed in Hollywood.’

He first suggests that people avoid the new series, saying, ‘This is more activism, and I guess all we can do is not watch Star Trek.’

However, he goes on to say  people are tired of LGBTI propaganda and political correctness, suggesting that is why Donald Trump won the election.

He adds that LGBTI activists never stop and there is a ‘battle between good and evil’ in America.

‘Do something… call your congressmen,’ he says. ‘We’re going to be talking about the Equality Act . . . very, very dangerous federal legislation, the Equality Act.’

‘Call your representative. Say you oppose this homosexual legislation which would actually make it easier for homosexual activists and liberal attorneys to persecute people of faith for opposing this juggernaut which calls itself “gay”.’

Listen to LaBarbera here:


Star Trek: Discovery debuted on 24 September and, in America, only airs on the streaming service CBS All Access. A total of 15 episodes have been produced for this season.

In the rest of the world, Star Trek: Discovery is scheduled to stream on Netflix.

While the series is being praised for including the same-sex couple, it should be noted that the pair are not the first ongoing LGBTI characters in the Star Trek universe.

That distinction goes to Lt. Sulu (played by John Cho) in the rebooted Star Trek movie universe (which exists in a separate continuity from the television universe). The 2016 big-screen adventure, Star Trek Beyond, revealed Sulu was gay in a quick scene with his husband and their young daughter.