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Conservative pundit says 'I think everybody is a little bit bisexual' - but he is not

Sherri Shepherd takes exception when Will Cain makes statement while co-hosting ABC's The View

Conservative pundit says 'I think everybody is a little bit bisexual' - but he is not

While co-hosting ABC’s The View on Wednesday (11 June), conservative pundit Will Cain was asked point-blank by co-host Sherri Shepherd: ‘Are you bisexual?’

Shepherd asked the question after Cain agreed with co-host Jenny McCarthy that everybody is a little bit bi.

‘I am not,’ Cain replied. ‘That’s fine, that’s the risk I run when I say that. A guy that wears boots like this, you’re either gay or extremely confident straight.’

Then he added: ‘Look, I think everybody is a little bit bisexual. We try to make these categories too neat and clean. Gay and straight. It’s probably some sort of a spectrum.’

Cain, who said he is married to a woman, made the ‘everybody’ claim then said he himself was not then tried to clarify by saying: ‘I just don’t think it’s neat and clean. I think there are straight people, I think there are gay people. I think there are people in between. I think that’s fine. You are who you are.’

Shepherd seemed uncomfortable with the thought that everyone might be bisexual and said to Cain: ‘When you say to me, ‘I think you’re a little bit bisexual,’ how would you put that on me?’

Shepherd would only cop to sometimes admiring a woman’s rear end because she says she does not have much of one to speak of.

The discussion was sparked by Oscar winning actress Anna Paquin tweeting this week: ‘Proud to be a happily married bisexual mother. Marriage is about love not gender.’

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