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Conservative teen says she’ll fail high school if trans students receive equal treatment

Conservative teen says she’ll fail high school if trans students receive equal treatment

A conservative Christian teenager in Pennsylvania has said she’ll fail high school if trans students receive equal treatment.

Sigourney Coyle, from Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, spoke out against the prospect of trans students being able to use the changing room that matches with their gender identity in a meeting with East Penn state school officials.

Coyle hasn’t knowingly shared a changing room with a trans person, but nevertheless feels their rights infringe on her own.

In a video posted by her mother, Aryn Coyle, Sigourney said: ‘You can’t make a transgender change in front of someone they don’t identify with. But if you put my name in there… you can’t make me change in front of someone who I don’t identify with who is physically male.

‘Gym requires for us to participate to pass high school, and if I don’t change I’m not allowed to participate. So my options are let myself be discriminated against, or fail gym for not participating and not pass through high school which would jeopardise my future.

I feel nothing against transgenders. I know some, and I don’t have anything wrong with them. I just would not like their rights to overrule my own.’

Coyle has been given the option of taking her gym classes during the summer break, to ensure her ‘views’ aren’t infringed upon.

Her mother, however, believes this solution to be nothing more than a ‘band-aid’.

Speaking to The Morning Call, she said: ‘Although transgender students are going through a very difficult time, and deserve some sort of special accommodations for their situation, this is not the correct accommodation to violate the privacy of anyone else.

‘What it really boils down to is… a penis is still a penis whether covered in skirts or pants. I don’t feel comfortable with students physically male and female in the same locker room.’

The Coyles’ campaign against trans rights began after an order by President Barack Obama was passed in May, which would ensure that trans students receive equal treatment to their cisgender classmates. At the time, Sigourney had taken a note in to high school, to ask she be made exempt from gym class.

In a post on Facebook in May saying ‘The battle begins’, Aryn said: ‘I have always been an advocate of any special arrangement that prevents any group of people from being mistreated based on who they are. This includes non-Christians trapped in their own sin. But I will NOT stand by while the law dictates that male bodies are allowed to walk into my daughters locker room, undress next to her, and shower alongside of her.

‘I will be proud of that failing grade in gym, and so would any Christian college.’