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Conservatives attack the wrong group over trans-inclusive Oreos

Conservatives attack the wrong group over trans-inclusive Oreos

Oreos' trans-inclusive packs

Conservative critics are attacking Oreo for the trans-inclusive packs they released this year — as well as a group that had nothing to do with them.

At the end of Pride month, Oreo tweeted out a giveaway of special edition Pronoun Packs. The packs come in three colors — light blue, light pink, and white for the trans pride flag. Each one also has a pronoun label of ‘she/her’, ‘he/him’, or ‘they/them’.

Oreo partnered with the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) on the campaign.

People praised the company on both Facebook and Twitter.

‘These are beautiful, and I’d purchase one in every design and hand them out to the people in my life who would appreciate these,’ one person wrote on Facebook.

NCTE executive director Mara Keisling told GSN of the partnership: ‘We are so proud to partner with Oreo on this campaign and grateful for their support for our work. It’s a sign of how far our community has come that business leaders across the nation are proud to show their support for inclusivity and representation of all identities.’

Not everyone was happy, though, and anti-LGBTI conservatives condemned the company for ‘indoctrinating’ their children.

Then they went and wrote this article about Oreos

Their arguments lost all steam, however, when they attacked the wrong group for partnering with Oreo.

Joy Pullman wrote for right-wing site The Federalist about the cookies. In her piece, Pullman misidentified NCTE as the National Council of Teachers of English.

‘While it sounds benign, this massive organization that affects millions of teachers all over the country—and helped write Common Core—has been politically far leftist for decades,’ she wrote.

She then went on to list the various ways this NCTE organization has been ‘lefitst’, such as not allowing teachers to have guns in their classrooms to use against active shooters.

A screenshot of the Federalist article about Oreos
A screenshot of the Federalist article about Oreos | Photo: The Federalist

Finally, Pullman describes NCTE as ‘largely a political organization, not a professional organization’.

A spokesperson for the National Council of Teachers of English told GSN the confusion over the two organizations has been happening, although they have not received any complaints about Oreo.

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