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Converse unveils new Pride shoes, including ones with the trans flag

Converse unveils new Pride shoes, including ones with the trans flag

One ofthe new trans pride Converse shoes

Converse revealed brand new sneakers for the 2019 Pride season — and some boast the transgender flag colors of blue, white, and pink.

There are a total of eight new designs, four boasting the traditional rainbow pride colors and another four with trans designs.

Each group comes with two pairs of high tops and two pairs of low tops. The rainbow collection has white and black shoes with various colorful prints and aesthetics.

On the white high top, a rainbow fans out like a flag on the side, while the black high top features a rainbow lightning bolt print. The black low top, meanwhile, has colorful rainbow laces.

2019 Pride Converse shoes
The 2019 Rainbow Converse | Photo: Converse


The trans pride shoes all boast the familiar colors of white, sky blue, and a soft pink. Blue and white are the main colors of the high tops, with the trademark Converse star sporting the trans flag design. The white high top also has pink laces.

If low tops are more of your thing, there’s also blue and white low top styles. On the bottom of the blue low tops, a message reads in black font: ‘Yes to love.’

Converse trans pride shoes
Converse trans pride shoes | Photo: Converse

Converse also did Pride shoes last year, designed by Miley Cyrus.

This year’s Pride sneakers are available now — just in time for Pride season.

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