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Coronation Street chiefs address anti-gay slurs on set

Coronation Street chiefs address anti-gay slurs on set

The British soap Coronation Street’s cast and crew have been warned about homophobia after two members of staff have complained about slurs made on set.

Producers have posted a memo around the Manchester-based studio saying homophobic language will not be tolerated.

Openly gay actor Antony Cotton, who plays Sean Tully, is thought to have been the subject of the anti-gay slurs, but he has made no complaint.

The memo states: ‘We have just been made aware of several recent instances of homophobic remarks being made on the studio floor.

‘We are sure the vast majority of people working on Coronation Street find such behaviour unacceptable.

‘But we’d like to make it absolutely clear that this is completely unacceptable. ITV has a bullying and harassment policy which clearly states such behaviour may lead to disciplinary proceedings.’

A Coronation Street spokeswoman said: ‘ITV takes the feelings of all employees extremely seriously. It was felt that this message should be put up as a reminder to everybody.’

Speaking to The Sunday Mirror, a show insider said it was an ‘extremely worrying development’ for a show which prides itself on being a ‘tolerant and accepting place.’

Cotton tweeted: ‘When I won the National Television Award for playing my character Sean in Coronation Street, I thanked the show and ITV for putting a gay character at the centre of the show.

‘I felt nothing but love and support from the cast and crew in equal measure. Almost ten years later, I feel no different. If you want to feel equal and included then Weatherfield is the place to be.’