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Coronation Street double marriage proposal for adorable same-sex couple

Coronation Street double marriage proposal for adorable same-sex couple

Same-sex proposal on Coronation Street

Two Coronation Street fan favorites Kate Connor (Faye Brookes) and Rana Nazir (Bhavna Limbachia) have gotten engaged after they simultaneously proposed to each other.

In the episode airing last night (5 November), Rana finally returned from a lengthy cruise with her mother.

The time apart made the couple realize how they felt about each other and they both decided to pop the question.

When Rana returned, they unwittingly foiled each other’s romantic proposal plans. Instead, they both got down on one knee at the local pub in a tear-jerking double proposal.

The couple are already considering plans for a baby, according to the official Coronation Street website.

Rana is not as sure about wanting children.

Groundbreaking representation

Rana is the soap’s first same-sex attracted muslim character.

At the beginning of the affair, she hid the romance from her parents. The actress who plays Rana is straight and in preparation for the role, spoke to some closeted Pakistani women.

‘I had to meet them in secret places to talk about their feelings, what would happen if they did come out,’ Limbachia said in an interview the Daily Record.

‘A lot of the girls said their families would try to get the imam to “cure” them.

‘Some people in Pakistan have tweeted me to say it is the only thing that is keeping them going. The Kate and Rana story has become a sort of coping mechanism,’ she said.

A similar plot happened on the show after Rana’s parents discovered the affair. They attempted to kidnap her and send to her to Pakistan in order to save face in their community.

Faye Brookes is also straight and has recently separated from pop-singer boyfriend, Gareth Gates.

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