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Cottonelle responds to backlash over toilet paper ad featuring gay couple

Cottonelle responds to backlash over toilet paper ad featuring gay couple

Cottonelle ad featuring gay couple

Toilet paper brand Cottonelle responded to backlash over its new advertisement featuring a gay couple.

The 15-second commercial shows a guy nervously waiting to meet his boyfriend’s parents.

‘Today, you meet the parents,’ the narrator says. ‘So before they sit you down, give your booty a confidence boost with cleaning ripples that remove more at once for a superior clean.

The narrator then adds: ‘And make you feel like the kind of guy he takes home to mother.’

It then cuts to the two guys smiling at each other. The commercial also features a shiny peach, signifying a butt.

Since posting the video to YouTube on 18 February, Cottonelle received positive feedback on social media.

One fan of the new commercial wrote on Twitter: ‘Fantastic wonderful great inclusive ad… thank you for your commitment to all of us! Now, on my way out to buy some Cottonelle!’

Threats to boycott Cottonelle

But it also got some backlash, with people threatening to boycott the toilet paper brand.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘Cottonelle, you’re selling toilet paper, why do you have to inject homosexuals into your commercials. It’s disgusting. Sell your products to homosexuals but I’m not buying them.’

They also used the hash tag #BoycottCottonelle.

Cottonelle then responded to this criticism: ‘No matter a person’s orientation, gender, or anything else, being clean impacts everyone. Here at Cottonelle Brand, diversity is embraced in all aspects and we are proud to share a commercial that is representative of that. Thank you for reaching out.’

Another social media user tweeted: ‘After 20+ years I’m breaking up with @Cottonelle. Too bad. Beware what you embrace. Be more aware what you promote.’

Then another person tweeted: ‘Your “peach” commercial is truly disgusting.’

The brand has also disabled comments on YouTube.

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