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Councillor backs Muslim parents protesting school for teaching LGBTI issues

Councillor backs Muslim parents protesting school for teaching LGBTI issues

Parkfield Community School muslim parents lgbt protest over LGBTI-inclusivity lessons

A councillor in the British city of Birmingham has sided with Muslim parents protesting a school for teaching LGBTI issues to kids.

Labour councillor Mohammed Idrees of Alum Rock has told the school they must listen to the ‘concerns’ raised by the parents. He also stated ‘the children are too young’ to learn about LGBTI equality at Parkfield Community School.

Speaking to BirminghamLive, the councillor said: ‘I know about the issue and, with it being a predominantly Muslim school, the sensitivities of the parents must be discussed.

‘Parents feel very strongly about the policy which, I’m told, has been promoted quite aggressively.’

He adds that ‘the school has to bare in mind it is a predominantly Muslim school’. The councillor, who represents Britain’s left wing party, also says: ‘Children, for me, are too young to be learning about this. It’s not a good idea.’

A predominately Muslim school

The No Outsiders program is run concurrent to sex and relationship education lessons.

It features storybooks read in class featuring same-sex relationships and marriages. The stories also feature children from all types of families, with some children with disabilities and others living with their grandparents.

All the books are age appropriate for the school. The kids are from the age of five to 11.

The school has defended the program, telling BirminghamLive: ‘No Outsiders allows us to raise awareness of these differences so that children are able to tolerate and accept differences in our society.’

Aggrieved parents are handing out leaflets, which have been obtained by the news site. In them, the parents ask ‘Brothers and sisters, is it OK for your children to be gay?’

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