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Which countries are the most and least gay-friendly in 2018?

Which countries are the most and least gay-friendly in 2018?

Sweden topped the list - here are some people from Nordics for Equality.

With everything going on in the world, it can be difficult keeping up with all the different LGBTI stances and politics in countries. Especially when traveling.

However, every year Spartacus World releases its Gay Travel Index.

The extensive database ranks every country and territory based on 14 different categories. Depending on how many points they earn, either in the positive or negative, the total determines their place in the ranking.

Five categories earn positive or negative points:

  1. Antidiscrimination legislation
  2. Marriage/Civil partnership
  3. Adoption allowed
  4. Transgender rights
  5. Equal age of consent

The remaining categories garner negative points:

  1. Religious influence
  2. HIV travel restrictions
  3. Anti-gay laws
  4. Homosexuality illegal
  5. Pride banned
  6. Locals hostile
  7. Prosecution
  8. Murders
  9. Death sentences

This is the first year the organization took transgender rights into account.

The index ultimately allows travelers to be aware of situations in any possible destination.

Who topped the rankings? And who faltered?

This year, Spartacus assessed 197 different countries and territories.

Canada and Sweden tied for first with 10 points each. They earned no negative marks and each received full marks for the new trans category.

12 countries earned 9 points, including Germany, New Zealand, and Spain. ‘The recent introduction of marriage equality improved Germany’s position,’ a press release stated.

The worst-ranked location is, unsurprisingly, Chechnya with -16 points. Their recent anti-LGBTI violence has led numerous countries, including the UK and US, to condemn them.

Meanwhile, the US dropped five places, going from 34th to 39th. ‘This is mostly due to attempts by the Trump administration to curtail transgender rights in the military,’ the press release explained. ‘As well as repealing anti-discrimination legislation that had been introduced under the previous government.’

Brazil also fared worse than in previous year, ‘due to numerous killings of gays, lesbians and transsexuals’.

However, there are success stories too.

Israel, Colombia, Cuba, and Botswana all improved their rankings.