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Couple saved dog from being killed for being gay in Russia

Couple saved dog from being killed for being gay in Russia

A kind couple saved a dog from being killed for being gay in Russia.

Laure, a crossmedia designer from the Netherlands, made friends with this fluffy fella.

The dog, who we’ll call Dmitry, was the result of a bad breeding. While we don’t know exactly what kind of breed, it could be a cross between a Pekingese and a Tibetan spaniel.

The elderly couple bought him in Moscow, Russia, from a breeder that was angry he wouldn’t mate with females.

If the couple hadn’t bought him, the dog would have been killed.

How a couple saved a gay dog from being killed 

Laure told Gay Star News: ‘I took the photo when I was in a second-hand store in the Netherlands.

‘This dog came up to me and made me laugh. I thought he was adorable although I saw that he was the result of a bad breed.

‘As you can see, his tongue is too big and also his skull is too small. In a way it’s sad that people think this is cute.’

If the dog was unable to breed for deformity reasons, it’s likely he would have also been killed. But, because he was relatively healthy, the breeder decided to sell him.

She also added: ‘I really think that being gay saved this dog’s life.’

Bad breeding

Last year, the British Veterinary Association launched a campaign dubbed Breed to Breathe.

A survey of 671 vets found 75% of owners were unaware of the health problems of brachycephalic (or squashed-face) breeds.

Vet Christabel Moseley said: ‘It is heart-breaking to see many of these gorgeous dogs with their massive personalities struggling to cope with life on a daily basis, because humans have selectively bred them to have features that can compromise their health and welfare.

‘That is why the veterinary profession is being proactive in trying to change things for these dogs.’

Doctor Bruce Bagemihl, in his book Biological Exuberance, writes: ‘Same-sex activity is readily familiar to dog owners and trainers/handlers. Many can readily give examples of homosexual mounting, pair-bonding, or other same-sex activities in their own animals.

He also said: ‘Same-sex pair-bonding as well as homosexual mounting (including ejaculation during interactions between males) has been well documented in dogs. [This has been especially the case with] Beagles, Basenjis, Cocker Spaniels and Weimaraners’.

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