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Couple told not to kiss in swimming pool ends in hateful threats

Couple told not to kiss in swimming pool ends in hateful threats

Two men were shocked and ‘embarrassed’ after being told they couldn’t kiss at a local swimming pool in Tehama Ridge, Texas.

The two men Brandon Roper and Giuseppe Cellura say they shared a ‘peck’ while at the local swimming pool.

Afterwards the pool assistant approached them saying: ‘You can’t do that, I’m calling the management’ as quoted in a video uploaded on Tuesday.

The pool manager – who later in the video was revealed to be the assistant’s older brother by three years – asked the couple questions about what happened.

He then insisted it was simply the swimming pool’s policy on PDA, and not: ‘Targeted at any group’.

Roper then turned the camera to show a man and woman in the pool playing in the same manner they’d described.

‘Is there a rule about PDA, or is it just because we’re gay?’ he asked the manager.

Later in the video the five people, which includes Roper’s mom, check the rule board and find no mention of rules against PDA. The manager tells the heterosexual couple to stop playing, but Roper says: ‘It is too later. Nice try. This has already gone viral.’

Belinda Roper, Brandon Roper’s mother, posted the video on a Facebook community page but says she has received threats, and had two men kissing in the pool likened to going swimming with a gun.

She told CBS Dallas: ‘I’m afraid for my life. I’m very afraid for my life.’

Bearfoot Management, who manage the swimming pool, said the attendant was fired. In a statement they said: ‘Bearfoot Management… have reached out to the family and expressed our sincere regret for the incident that occurred.

‘Our company’s policies are to ensure a family friendly environment at each pool we manage. Our expectation is to enforce this practice without discrimination of any sort.’