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Couple who wed after 38 years star in marriage equality advert

Film makers release marriage equality commercial

A new advert starring an adorable elderly lesbian couple has been released in support of marriage equality.

Carol Barnett and Nannette Gonnella are two women who had lived together for 38 years when they married in New York on 24 July 2011, the day same-sex marriage became legal in that state.

The advert was created by the makers of a Gay USA the Movie, a film in support of the same-sex marriage movement in the US.

As well as the commercial, Carol and Nan will feature in Gay USA the Movie, which is set to be completed later this year.

We love the commercial, which features Carol and Nan talking about their wedding day and how being married has impacted their relationship. They say it has made them feel ‘more settled and more official’.

Gay USA the Movie will depict interviews with people across the spectrum when it comes to supporting same-sex marriage. It will include controversial pastor Rick Warren and members of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Co-producer Melanie Nathan says she hopes the full film will be completed by September this year, in time for the US elections. You can read more about the new advert and Gay USA the Movie on their website.

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