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Court sentences two men to jail after they used Grindr to lure and bash gay men

They pretended to be a 14-year-old boy and then assaulted 5 different gay men

Court sentences two men to jail after they used Grindr to lure and bash gay men
Cody Parkinson let his accomplice use his photo to lure the gay men (Image: Cody Parkinson | Facebook)

A court sentenced two men to jail after they lured five separate gay men via Grindr and bashed them.

Cody Parkinson, 19, from Perth Australia, allowed James Joseph Katchan, 20, to use his photos to lure the gay men to meet up in person.

Katchan posed as a 14-year-old boy and promised gay sex to unsuspecting older men.

He pleaded guilty to five serious assaults, most of which happened in January and one in March this year.

Co-offender Parkinson was also jailed for two years after he admitted his role in the last assault.

The men claimed they were part of a group guarding the local area from pedophiles.

The men met on Grindr

Grindr (Image: Flickr)

In one of the assaults, Katchan and two other men hid behind bushes while Parkinson waited in plain sight. When the 57-year-old victim approached, the men punched, kicked and stomped on him.

He suffered severe internal bleeding and head injuries.

Katchan also filmed the assault, which shows the 57-year-old victim cowering on the ground.

Judge: ‘There was absolutely no justification’

In another attack, Katchan lured a 35-year-old gay man to a park in Kenwick before punching him in the face on arrival. He also said: ‘Hey you pedophile faggot,’ according to Perth Now.

Katchan hit another victim across the head with a bat embedded with metal rings.

His lawyer John Hawkins said his client’s offending was motivated by a desire to humiliate men who were expecting to have sex with ;a boy they thought was 14 years old.’

But Western Australian District Court Judge Vicki Stewart told Katchan ‘there was absolutely no justification’ for the assaults.

There was no other option for Judge Stewart than to jail both boys for the seriousness of their crimes.

The other two participants have also been charged over the assault.

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