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Courtney Act: gay men are the worst when it comes to biphobia

Courtney Act: gay men are the worst when it comes to biphobia

The multi-talented Courtney Act has the rare, but amazing ability to talk about serious topics, but also be hilarious at the same time.

In a recent chat about her new show The Bi Life, we dove deep on sexual identity, Brexit, but also the weirdest places she’s ever had sex. That could honestly only ever happen in an interview with the winner of Celebrity Big Brother UK.

Act who made it to the top three of RuPaul’s Drag Race season six, identifies as pansexual.

‘Which has nothing to do with having sex with cookware, which many people like to “ha, ha, ha” about,’ Act says.

‘I’ve never had an intimate experience with cookware… I’m not saying I’d count it out.’

The Australian-born Act (Shane Jenek), rose to fame in her come country in the early 2000s. She auditioned for the first season of Australian Idol in 2003 both as a boy and then as Courtney.

The drag queen made it to the finals of that series and even released a single called ‘Rub Me Wrong’ which hit number 29 on the Aussie singles chart.

Even though she didn’t win Australian Idol, it was clear a star had been born. Act’s dry sense of humor, talent and stunning have assured her success in whatever she tries.

Courtney Act (center) hangs out with some of the contestants on The Bi Life
Courtney Act (center) hangs out with some of the contestants on The Bi Life | Photo: Supplied


Taking on hosting duties for the UK’s first ever bisexual dating show – The Bi Life – seemed a natural role for the reality TV veteran. Not just because of her talent but because of her work to raise bi+ visibility.

Act admitted that she constantly had to educate people about pansexuality.

‘Even with my best friend, I was talking to him the other day and he said “don’t you think you’re just a fag who’s had sex with a couple of women”,’ Act says.

‘And I’m like “yeah, that’s the problem”. When you don’t have any ability to tease out gay or straight, it is just two options.

‘I am attracted to different genders. I’ve had sex with women and trans people and people of different genders and I know I will again. So to me, that’s a textbook example of what being bi or pan means.’

Act explains she’d have those sexual experiences regardless of the labels.

Bisexual and pansexual suffer from poor mental health because of discrimination they face about their sexuality. That often comes from both within and outside of the LGBTI communities.

So having someone as famous as Courtney Act speaking up on behalf of you is a massive boon for bi+ visibility.

Gay men are the worst

But Act is very blunt when it comes to who she thinks is the worst at stigmatizing bi+ people.

‘I really think gay men are really guilty of bi erasure because a lot of gay men used bisexuality on their way to being gay,’ she says.

‘Gay men like to have the benefit of other people’s empathy and understanding their own sexuality and I think there needs to be a step taken back to say “just because I took a step towards identifying as bisexual on my way to being gay, doesn’t mean that bisexual people don’t exist”.’

The hotly anticipated The Bi Life hits TV screens on E! UK & Ireland on 25 October

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