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Courtney Act uses Dancing With The Stars to help Indigenous LGBTI people

Courtney Act uses Dancing With The Stars to help Indigenous LGBTI people

Courtney Act to appear on Dancing with the Stars Australia (Photo: Instagram)

Drag Race alum and Celebrity Big Brother UK winner, Courtney Act, is using her platform to support Indigenous LGBTI people.

The reality star veteran is now competing on the latest season of Dancing With The Stars Australia. She chose Black Rainbow as her charity of choice.

If Act wins the season she plans to donate her winnings to Black Rainbow which is a suicide prevention organization for LGBTI Indigenous people.

‘At Black Rainbow we pride ourselves on ensuring our young mob feel they matter,’ said Jake Gablonski, youth member of the Black Rainbow Leadership Group.

If Act wins the money will also help for important research at the Curtin University. The university will investigate the suicide ideation, self-harm and resilience amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait LGBTI people. There has been no formal research in this area, despite Indigenous and LGBTI people, being widely researched as two separate groups in this area.

‘Having Courtney Act show her support gives us comfort in knowing that the work of Black Rainbow, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQI people, matter in the wider community,’ Black Rainbow said in a statement.

Why is this important?

Act’s decision to support Black Rainbow because Indigenous Australians two to three times more likely to die by suicide than other Australians.

LGBTQI+ Australians also have one of the highest rates of suicide in Australia. About 20% of transgender and 16% of lesbian, gay and bisexual Australians having suicidal ideations.

‘As young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, our identity is the essence of our connection to who we are and accepting the added identity of being LGBTQI can be a difficult process to navigate,’ Black Rainbow said.

‘However, visible support on a public scale from an icon like Courtney is an important step towards ensuring our mob feel safe enough to be themselves.’

Given Act’s jaw dropping performance in the first round, Black Rainbow is in with a good shot to get a funding boost as the drag queen is now a favorite to win the crown.

Watch Courtney Act’s first performance: