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Cover shoots and hangovers, London’s new gay podcast

Cover shoots and hangovers, London’s new gay podcast

The Dylan and Jack gay podcast is not just latest, but also the freshest, take on London’s gay scene.

While the cast of characters may not mean much to LGBTI people outside the British capital, their take on life resonates far further.

As they released their third episode yesterday (6 March), the pair of young freelance journalists spoke to Gay Star News about their audio venture.

‘In this episode we interview the Soho’s notorious scenester and Vivienne Westwood muse Lady Lloyd,’ says Jack. ‘We say interview, but we had to physically support her while she staggered up Lisle Street.

‘Dylan goes behind the scenes on Paris Lees’ big Attitude photo shoot and I explain how a night out in Vauxhall led to a tour around the Houses of Parliament.

‘As ever we cover our pet topics too, which include over-analyzing song lyrics and indulging in a few fantasy music video ideas.

‘I tell a story about how working on a Diana Vickers photoshoot for GLAMOUR gave me a lifelong phobia.

‘And Dylan talks about this solo gay holiday he went on when he was 16 in which he tried to seduce two gay B&B owners in Antwerp called Eric and Herman!’

Dylan and Jack met as interns at a gay magazine.

‘We actually interned there a year or so apart from each other, but we were introduced formally by their former music editor Bob Henderson because he thought we’d get along,’ Dylan explains.

‘The best thing about this podcast for me,’ states Jack ‘is that it allows us to produce something in exactly the way our minds work.

‘Unlike a feature or a newspaper opinion piece, we don’t have to stage an argument in a conventional way, we can just chat.

‘We decided to make it a podcast instead of a YouTube series because we both dislike the growing pathological YouTube culture that so many teenage gay boys are hurtling themselves towards.

‘I like to think our listeners can tune in on their way to work, or while doing the washing up at home, or just sitting there with a gin and tonic like we are. The podcast is a conversation. We ask as many questions as we answer.’

Dylan adds: ‘We partly started it because we thought there was room in the selfie-stuffed gay blogosphere for something intelligent and cynically coherent. We wanted to stay away from preachiness and perkiness too.

‘So pour yourself a drink and lean in.’

At the moment Dylan and Jack only appears on SoundCloud. Each episode back be downloaded for free, or listened to for free online or via SoundCloud’s free app.

You can listen here: