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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend confirms another main character is bisexual

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend confirms another main character is bisexual

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend stars Gabrielle Ruiz and Emma Willmann | Credit CW

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the musical comedy-drama, now has the best bisexual representation likely in the history of television.

Viewers were introduced to Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz)’s girlfriend Beth in the episode that aired yesterday (2 February).

Showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna has confirmed to fans Valencia is bisexual, making her the third bi character alongside Daryl and Maya.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Valencia is bi

Beth, played by gay comedian Emma Willmann, was introduced as a potential business partner for Valencia.

And then Crazy Ex-Girlfriend had an eight month time skip. In that time, Valencia and Beth formed a loving relationship.

When McKenna told Ruiz about her character’s new girlfriend, she was very excited.

‘My first gut reaction was, “Oh my gosh Valencia found someone. She found someone that loves her.”

‘It wasn’t, “Oh my gosh Valencia is going to be love with a woman”.’

McKenna said they wanted to introduce a real love interest for Valencia after she dated Josh, played by gay actor Vincent Rodriguez III.

‘Why wouldn’t it be a woman?’

‘As we started to think about that person, we were like, “Why wouldn’t it be a woman?”‘ McKenna told Bustle.

‘It’s different from Daryl’s story because Daryl discovering his bisexuality was a big part of his identity. For Valencia, the stakes of her having a lesbian relationship, which makes her bisexual, is more about the personal investment in this specific person.

‘She’s a Bethsexual. So it doesn’t come up as an issue of self-proclaimed identity as it does for Daryl, because Valencia really knows who she is.’

‘Daryl saying that he was bisexual and naming it was very important for the show and also for Daryl in his quest to find his authentic self. We’re very aware of the tendency to erase bisexuality as a term, the tendency towards bi-erasure. It’s very important to us that we not do that,’ she added.

‘If Daryl were to talk to her about it, she’d say, “Yeah, I’m bisexual, obviously. I’m in a relationship with a woman now”.’ McKenna added.

‘You’ll see going forward, Valencia is in a voyage of her own self-discovery of her place in the world and Beth is a big part of that. Identity means a slightly different thing for her than it means for Daryl.’

Fans applaud Crazy Ex-Girlfriend writers

It’s safe to say fans were very happy with the decision.

And they know what they want next.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs on The CW on Fridays. Season 3 is also airing weekly on Netflix for international audiences.