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Creator of ‘straight pride’ flag says he’s not homophobic

Creator of ‘straight pride’ flag says he’s not homophobic

The Canadian man who conceived the ‘straight pride’ flag spoke up after his village decided to take the flag down.

Glenn Bishop of Chipman, New Brunswick, had watched Mayor Carson Atkinson and others gathered to raise the flag last 21 October.

The next day, however, the council decided to remove the flag in the midst of a public outcry. Many residents took to the village’s Facebook page to criticize the flag as harmful towards the LGBTI community.

Discrimination against heterosexuals

A disappointed Bishop said he and his supporters are considering legal action or a political challenge of the municipal officials who took it down.

‘There’s a lot of people angry over the flag being taken down. The same as if the gay pride people would be angry if their flag was taken down,’ he said in an interview with

‘We’re not done. We’re going to regroup and see what’s next.’

The flag has black and white stripes and shows the symbols for female and male in the center.

Bishop explained he wanted to create something different with the contrast usually representing a ‘man and woman relationship’

Bishop said he has LGBTI friends

When asked whether he was homophobic, the man insisted he is not anti-gay.

He said he grew up with gay and lesbian friends, and he sometimes defended them physically as a young man.

‘I’d do it again, but I’m an old man,’ he said.

‘I am not anti-gay. I’m not… I have friends who are homosexual and lesbian, and I don’t have any problems with them at all.’

Nonetheless, Bishop clarified he wanted to signal the whole village is not gay. He explained his aim was to represent the ‘95% of the population’ who is not LGBTI.

‘The straight people built this nation … Now we’re being told we can’t say we’re straight.’

He said he spoke to activists at the flagpole on 22 October, and explained his position to them. He also offered to sit down with a representative.

‘Maybe we can fly both flags together,’ he added.

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