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Criminal charges against six employees dropped

Criminal charges against six employees dropped

US prosecutors Wednesday (17 February) dropped criminal charges against six former employees.

They were arrested on charges of promoting prostitution along with CEO Jeffrey Hurant last year.

Hurrant was indicted in January and plead not guilty to promoting prostitution and money laundering.

In August, federal authorities raided the Manhattan headquarters of, which they described as an ‘internet brothel.’

The company had more than $10 million in gross proceeds between 2010 and 2015. More than $1.4 million was seized from six bank accounts in connection with the investigation.

If convicted, Hurrant faces up to five years imprisonment and a fine of up to $250,000.

Among those discharged were COO Shane Lukas, marketing director Michael Sean Belman, Edward Estanol, an escort and social media coordinator, saleswoman Diana Milagros Mattos, sales executive Clint Calero and accountant Marco Soto Decker.

‘This trial has been nothing but a huge inconvenience to me, but now that my case has been rightfully dismissed I can start to put back the pieces of my life that were taken from me,’ Estanol, better known as Eli Lewis, wrote on social media on Wednesday.

‘I am forever grateful to everyone who supported me during the past few months. We will meet injustice with justice.’