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Crocodile Dundee star speaks in favor of same-sex marriage in Australia

Crocodile Dundee star speaks in favor of same-sex marriage in Australia

Paul Hogan was the star of Crocodile Dundee

Paul Hogan, the star of the Crocodile Dundee movies, has spoken about his support of same-sex marriage.

While at the Tour de Cure Snow Ball on Saturday in Sydney, the actor said he thought it was stupid same-sex marriage was not legally recognized in Australia yet.

The movement to have same-sex marriage legally recognized is supported by two thirds of Australians but the Senate has blocked every attempt to legalize it.

Hogan was quoted as saying: ‘Australians need to learn to mind their own business.’

The 77-year-old star was making the comments in response to retired tennis player Margaret Court.

Margaret Court has maintained a stance against LGBTI people in Australia, boycotting Qantas due to CEO Alan Joyce’s support of same-sex marriage.

The retired tennis player and Christian minister also said homosexuality is an ‘ungodly lust of the flesh’ and LGBTI tendencies in young people were ‘all the devil.’

Court also caused controversy in May by saying all female tennis players were lesbians and would try and influence the younger players.

Paul Hogan joins several celebrities who disagree with Court’s views such as Boy George, Andy Murray and John McEnroe.

The actor and comedian also said: ‘I don’t get it, “homophobia”, that means a fear, I am not frightened of gay people, I like them, I don’t want to marry one, but I certainly don’t think it’s up to me on whether they should get married or not, that’s up to them.’