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Crowd-fund campaign launched to send gay Chinese director to US film festivals

Crowd-fund campaign launched to send gay Chinese director to US film festivals

Gay Chinese filmmaker Fan Popo has launched a crowd-fund campaign so he can go to the US to show one of his films at Frameline (San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival) and Outfest (LA LGBT film festival).

Mama Rainbow, a documentary about parents in cities across China who are supportive of their gay children, has been chosen to be shown at both festivals in California this June and July.

‘As I’m a independent filmmaker and activist,’ said Fan. ‘it’s hard for me to pay for my trip myself. So I really appreciate if you can help me with this exciting trip.’

Fan needs $1,200 (US dollars, €900) for a return flight to the US from China and has raised nearly half on crowd-funding site Indiegogo already. He is staying with friends in San Francisco and LA so doesn’t need any more expenses.

Mama Rainbow has been shown across China (but only at private screenings because LGBT content is censored by China’s broadcasting authority) and at Kashish, Mumbai International Queer Film Festival, in India.

Fan has been making documentaries about LGBT issues in China since 2007 and has three features and three shorts to his name. His film Be a Woman about drag queens in southwest China showed at a film festival in Amsterdam in April 2012.

The hard-working activist and director who studied at Beijing Film Academy, also runs a filmmaking school every year, with Queer Comrades, to encourage new voices in China’s LGBT movement to tell their stories.

Fan said he wants to got to the US to tell Westerners about the situation for LGBT people in China.

‘LGBT rights have got big progress these years in China,’ said Fan. ‘But in the same time, few Westerners know about our movement. I hope this chance will give more information about the situation.’

Watch a trailer for Mama Rainbow here: