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Will the crowdfunding campaign for the London LGBTI centre succeed?

Will the crowdfunding campaign for the London LGBTI centre succeed?

LGBTQ community centre

A crowdfunder raising money for an LGBTQ+ community centre in London , said he’s confident of reaching its £50,000 target.

There is a week left to go.

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The crowdfund page launched in April and has so far amassed just over £27,000.

‘It’s not just about the crowdfunding page,’ said Michael Segalov, the journalist and activist, behind the project. ‘We’ve been doing a lot of other work and events which have also raised funds’.

‘Our volunteers have been very busy. At last weekend’s Mighty Hoopla festival we raised £1,000, which will be added to the final total.’

Eivind Hansen Photography

Nearly 900 people have contributed so far

The crowdfunding page went live in mid-April, and currently lists more than 800 supporters, who have already pledged money for the center.

The average amount donated is around £32. Others have gifted £50, £100 and even £1,000 in some cases, Segalov told Gay Star News.

He praised the generosity of people from the London LGBTI community and beyond. ‘We’re feeling really positive about the next week or so’.

One of the toughest challenges for anyone trying to establish a presence in London is the high cost of renting in the capital. However, Segalov doesn’t see this as an issue.

‘We’ve secured commitments from local authorities on affordable rents.  There are also reduced rent opportunities for community, social and non-profit groups.’

Support from City Hall

The project also has the support of London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, and the Mayor of Hackney.

No location for the center has been announced yet, although a number of options are believed to be on a long list.

Segalov plans to approach wealthier groups, such as funds, trusts and high net worth individuals, once the crowdfunding exercise has ended.

‘We’re not naive about how much it will cost to set up and get running. It must be sustainable, so we do have a business plan. We’ll be talking to investors at the next stage.”

If you would like to support the funding effort, the LGBTI community center crowdfunding page can be found here.

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