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Curious straight guy attempts sex with a man – realises you definitely can’t choose to be gay

Curious straight guy attempts sex with a man – realises you definitely can’t choose to be gay

This guy gets schooled thanks to Craigslist.

A curious guy has had his world straightened out after a horny meetup from Craigslist.

Posting on Reddit, the self-proclaimed straight guy revealed he had been thinking of hooking up with a guy.

And it turned out it gave him a new understanding of not just his sexuality, but all sexualities.

He said he realised that his experience has given him, and anyone else that might not believe this, the proof that being gay is definitely not a choice.

‘Ok so for a few years now I’ve been curious about sleeping with a guy. I watched the porn and questioned my sexuality about my thoughts and fantasies, and thought to myself one day it’ll happen and then we’ll know. Well it happened, and I wasn’t a fan,’ the Redditor said.

‘So it started off I was in a really horny mood grabbed my … and double clicked for all the porn I could find and then the adventurous side of my brain woke up and pointed me to Craigslist and next thing i knew i was emailing this guy in the same situation as me, curious and wanting to experiment.’

He continued: ‘So the next day happens and we’re still emailing and we arrange to meet at stupid oclock in the morning and see what happens. Luckily he was a really nice guy, shy and kind hearted. Any guy would be lucky to have him as a partner.

‘Anyway many things happened and we end up there lying on the bed, a touch bemused with what just went down.

‘It was at this moment I realized that I’m really not gay.

‘Ok so it took sex with a stranger to help me realize and I’d be lying if some bits weren’t interesting but those questions have been put to rest.

‘Personally sex with guys is crap and there’s no beauty in it for me. Ok so inexperience will have played a part but at the base of it, it didn’t feel right for me, and was actually kinda dull compared to sex with women.

‘Regardless I’ve got to be thankful for the experience otherwise I would have spent forever wondering what it might be like.

‘So yeah there’s my confession.

‘I guess you could use this as proof against all those people that say being gay is a choice. It’s really not.’