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Current govt will ‘never’ remove gender from birth certificates, says Australia’s PM

Current govt will ‘never’ remove gender from birth certificates, says Australia’s PM

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Photo: Facebook) LGBTI students

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the ruling Liberal-National Government ‘will never remove gender from birth certificates, licenses, and passports’.

He accused opposition Australian Labor Party of being ‘obsessed with nonsense like removing gender from birth certificates’ in a tweet on Wednesday (31 October).

The Prime Minister was sharing a Daily Telegraph article about the ‘sinister identity politics agenda of ‘new’ Labor’.

The article purportedly details Labor plans for a draft bill to remove gender from identity documents.


It is the latest insensitive comment on trans and gender-diverse Australians since Morrison came to power two months ago. He previously attacked gender diverse sensitive teaching in schools.

Australia and several other countries, including Argentina, Canada, Denmark, India, Malta, Nepal, New Zealand and Pakistan, offer gender-neutral identity documents.

The Netherlands issued its first gender-neutral passport this month. New York City joined several other administrations in the US offering the gender marker ‘X’ on official documents recently.

Regional Australian governments have already removed gender from driver’s licenses, according to Anna Brown of the Human Rights Law Centre.

‘Sex and gender diversity is a reality in this country. Time for our PM to catch up!’ she wrote on Twitter.

Independent Member of Parliament, Alex Greenwich, urged Morisson to ‘stop spreading misinformation about the gender diverse community, and start uniting rather than dividing Australians’.

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