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Cute gay couple choose their wedding rings with LGBTI inclusive jeweller

Cute gay couple choose their wedding rings with LGBTI inclusive jeweller

Stephen Einhorn

Stephen Einhorn is the name on everyone’s lips and the rings on everyone’s fingers.

And for good reason.

As a jewellery designer and store owner, Einhorn says it doesn’t matter about your sexuality, race, gender or financial status, ‘every customer deserves respect.’

He opened his self-titled store in 1995, which has become synonymous with high quality, contemporary and creative designs.

Since day one, Einhorn said he’s been committed to ensuring everyone feels welcome in his store.

‘Equality,’ he says. ‘It’s plain and simple.’

Stephen Einhorn
Stephen Einhorn

When the website went live just over 20 years ago, Einhorn knew he needed to cater to same-sex couples. He started a wildly popular Gay and Lesbian section, dedicated to both same-sex weddings and civil partnerships.

‘I have always thought it was a ridiculous thing to discriminate against anyone for their sexuality,’ he said.

‘We have been waiting for a lot of the world to catch up with us and stop being so prejudiced… so until that time, we want all of our LGBTI customers to feel very welcome.

‘This is why we created our gay and lesbian wedding and commitment section of our website over 20 year ago and have recently made it even bigger and better,’ he said.

Stephen Einhorn: ‘Equality, it’s plain and simple’

With an impressive client list including Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt, Einhorn is a force to be reckoned with.

And now they can add Matt and James to the list.

The engaged couple announced their plans to live-stream their civil partnership on Gay Star News and are looking at working with LGBTI-inclusive businesses.

Stephen Einhorn’s longstanding commitment to equality really appealed to the couple.

James said: ‘His commitment to equality really spoke to us.

‘One thing that I really loved is that they don’t gender the rings.

‘They just lay them out there and if a woman likes a particularly “masculine” ring, then they’re fully encouraging them to get that,’ he continued.

Matt added: ‘It’s an ethical brand too. We got to meet the people who are putting the materials together and it’s such a personal touch.’

‘We both came in with an idea of what we wanted and now we have no idea,’ he jokes.

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