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This cute gay Pokémon proposal will melt your heart

This cute gay Pokémon proposal will melt your heart

Prepare to fall in love with Pokemon all over again

There was the offer of gay marriage on a Beijing subway. Then there was the man who popped the question to his boyfriend at his best friend’s wedding.

Then there was the other Pokémon-themed proposal… But this latest one might just be the sweetest we’ve ever heard of.

Taking to discussion site Reddit, user Juiced4SD revealed how he popped the question to his better half with the aid of a Pokémon Master Ball.

‘Used my Masterball the other day on my BF, he then evolved into Fiancé,’ he wrote. He then shared a pic of the engagement ring.


He went on to explain: ‘Originally my Fiancé said that if I ever propose to him to use a ring pop or something cheap because he wanted to pick out his own ring.

‘I totally ignored him on that figuring that I know him well enough after 4.5 years to get him something he would like.

‘I thought he might still want to get something else when we actually get married, but he loved the ring and says he doesn’t want a new one.’

He added: ‘I collected all of the 20th anniversary plushies and Pokémon figures in their pokeballs, and Arceus came in the Masterball. I figured I must ensure that he says “yes” with that 100% capture rate. Also, how could he deny the god of Pokémon lord Arceus.’

Other Reddit users and (Pokemon fans) were quick to offer their congratulations.

‘As a single gaymer looking for love I am more jealous than team Rocket of Ash’s pikachu!’ said one. ‘Great and cute idea. Some day my geek will come!

‘Still have to keep at it though until he evolves into Husband. Congrats though,’ said another.

A third pointed out, hopefully inaccurately: ‘If you trade him, he evolves into ex-husband.’

GSN has approached Juiced4SD for further comment – and to offer our unreserved congratulations!