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Super cute illustrations from Taiwan of gay bears in love and lust

Super cute illustrations from Taiwan of gay bears in love and lust

'Hey, don't get wet without me' by SexyB

Cute and sexy illustrations by a gay, Taiwanese artist are picking up a worldwide following.

Illustrator Tai Wang tells GSN that he has loved drawing ever since he can remember. He has turned his passion into a career, producing paintings, illustrations, comics and graphic novels.

After ten years living in Taipei in his 20s, the 32-year proud ‘100% gay bear’ is now based in Tainan.


Alongside his more mainstream work, in 2012 he branched out to explore his love of fellow gay bears with a new line of drawings branded, SexyB.

‘The name of “SEXYB” came from the variety of possibilities related to the letter B,’ he told GSN. ‘Bear, boy(friend), baby, bang, even boner if you like!’

He wanted his illustrations to combine humor with sexiness. The end result is bara with a dash of Keith Haring. His masculine subjects interact in a playful and affectionate manner – never furtive or shy.

SexyB has duly picked up fans around the world, and in the past two years Tai Wang has branched out in to producing merchandise, such as T-shirts, tank tops and badges.

SexyB T-shirts, tank tops and badges
SexyB T-shirts, tank tops and badges

‘I will be adding more products, such as prints, gym tank-tops and postcards in summer 2017.’

Tai Wang’s work has featured in exhibitions around the globe, including comic festivals in Switzerland, France, Russia and Japan. Last year he was included in a SOMArts queer arts exhibition in San Francisco.


Back home, Tai says the situation in Taiwan is improving for LGBTI communities.

‘We have prosperous LGBT activities in Taiwan, including the biggest LGBT parade of Asia every year. We are fighting very hard for same-sex marriage at the moment, and we’ll hopefully become the first country in Asia to have equal marriage.

‘And of course we have very big bear community here. Taiwanese bears are hot!’

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