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Cute things you can do with your kids this weekend to celebrate Family Equality Day

Cute things you can do with your kids this weekend to celebrate Family Equality Day

  • Celebration gets crafty to conquer coronavirus lockdown.
A child in a rainbow headband reading from a tablet.

Looking for fresh ways to entertain children during the coronavirus lockdown? International Family Equality Day is coming to the rescue.

And everyone can take part – from little kids to the young at heart.

The International Family Equality Day (IFED) is on Sunday (3 May). And as COVID-19 quarantine sees millions of families locked up at home, organizers have suggested some creative and crafty ways to take part.

They are asking people to send photos of their creations and will curate a virtual exhibition of the results.

Here are some of the IFED’s ideas and GSN’s suggestions to get your imagination going.

Tasty treats

Why not make a rainbow cake or bake a batch of rainbow cookies?

For inspiration you can find rainbow cake recipes and instructions here:

And if your layers end up looking as neat as that, quit your job and become a pastry chef.

Alternatively check out these rainbow cookies:

If you are looking for a healthier version, use fruits and vegetables to create a stunning display.

Rainbow fruit skewers.
Rainbow fruit skewers are a tasty treat. Wikimedia Commons

Rainbow fruit skewers are easy to put together and make a great refreshing snack. Alternatively you can roast your rainbow vegetables for a healthy, hot, vegan meal.

Getting close to nature and upcycling

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, you can create some lockdown land art. It’s a great way to teach your children about the flowers and plants in your garden. After all, diversity is what nature is all about.

Flowers and plants arranged as a rainbow.
Enjoy the natural rainbows of your garden. IFED

To be even more eco-friendly, why not upcycle some plastic? Creating a rainbow bottle bowling alley is child’s play with either paint or water mixed with food coloring.

Plastic bottles made into a bowling set.
Build the rainbow you want with painted or filled plastic bottles. Wikimedia Commons

Meanwhile the truly ambitious can use led lighting to create an amazing new feature for your home.

Rainbow bottle chandelier.
Could this rainbow bottle chandelier with LED lights inspire you? Instagram

Remember when everyone stockpiled toilet paper? Well, whether you were part of that or not, you can use the cardboard tubes left over for some fun projects.

Try creating a rainbow windsock:

Or you can create your own rainbow village for your rainbow families to live in.

Toilet roll rainbow village.
Your toilet roll tubes could be born again as rainbow pets, people, a village or space rockets. IFED

Meanwhile a collage may look easy. But it’s a great way to teach your children how to recognise, name and match colours, how to sort things and the motor skills of tearing and sticking, while also developing their creativity.

Rainbow collage.
Making equality stick with a rainbow collage. Wikimedia Commons

Drawing, singing, reading and writing

Of course, you can always just do some drawings of rainbow families. This example is by a nine-year-old.

One nine-year-old equality-lovers' rainbow families.
One nine-year-old equality-lovers’ rainbow families. IFED

Alternatively, why not give your child’s favorite nursery rhymes an LGBT+ makeover? Choose a nursery rhyme or song that you enjoy and where you can easily update the lyrics to make them inclusive.

You may be able to find instrumental versions of the music online so you can sing along. Then record and share your performance.

Naturally this is also the time to dust off your favorite LGBT+ books. There are so many to choose from now for all ages, from toddlers to teens. Indeed, you know they are good when homophobes and transphobes want to ban them.

Maybe your child could write and illustrate their own short story?