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Cyndi Lauper: ‘I am a drag queen’

Cyndi Lauper: ‘I am a drag queen’

Gay rights activist and singer-songwriter Cyndi Lauper has said she would describe herself as a ‘drag queen’.

The ‘True Colors’ singer said she considers it a performance art, and says it is very similar to what she has done in the past.

‘Sometimes a man doesn’t dress up like a woman because he wants to be a woman,’ Lauper told the LA Times.

‘He dresses like a woman to make him feel more like a man.’

In the video for one of Lauper’s biggest hits ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’, it featured 50 drag queens.

‘It’s performance art. You think I’m putting on a corset, changing the color of my hair, and not thinking about what star from what movie I’m emulating in a photograph,’ says Lauper.

‘You don’t put makeup on to enhance what you got. You draw the mouth you always wanted, the eyes you always wanted. Find out who was very glamorous who had your shape face even if your shape face isn’t very popular right now.

‘Create yourself! That’s another way that I’m a drag queen.’

Lauper has written the songs for new Broadway musical Kinky Boots, based on the 2005 British comedy film about a man’s business which starts booming after he starts making shoes for drag queens. It opened at the Al Hirschfield Theater in New York City on 4 April.

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