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Czech Republic just took a big step forward for gay adoption rights

Czech Republic just took a big step forward for gay adoption rights

Jiří Dienstbier is pushing for step child adoption

Same-sex couples in the Czech Republic can hope for extended adoption rights.

According to Radio Prag, the government agreed to a law giving couples in a civil partnership the right to adopt their step children.

The change in law is supposed to strengthen the rights of LGBTI parents in same-sex relationships.

‘It’s about securing that the other partner has a legal relationships with the child,’ the country’s Minister for Human Rights, Jiří Dienstbier, said.

‘This can make everyday life easier.’

Adopting their step child gives parents basic rights, such as picking their child up from kindergarden without writting consent from a biological parent.

The new also takes the death of one of the biological parents into account, saying a child ‘wouldn’t need to live in a care home’ if it came to this.

‘Instead, it could live where it used to live until then,’ the draft reads.

‘And do so with someone who loves the child and is loved by it in return.’

The change would not grant same-sex couples a general right to adopt, no matter if they are in a registered partnership or not.

Introducing equal adoption rights has already been discussed in the former government, but after its collapse, the matter was shelved.

In 2014, the current government introduced a new draft law; in July 2016, a debate on the law had to be interrupted after growing too heated.

Until the law can pass, both chambers of the Czech government have to agree and vote in favor.

It could fall with the Czech Christian Democrat’s vote, who are in a coalition with the Liberals and the Social Democratic Party.

‘We voted against the draft law,’ said Paul Bělobrádek, chairperson of the Christian Democratic Party.

‘I proposed to suspend it, for now, but that has not been accepted.

‘This proposal was accepted by the government without our votes, not as a draft by the coalition. We are not obliged to support it in parliament.’

The Czech Republic introduced civil partnerships in 2016.

Although they have no blanket adoption rights, a gay couple successfully fought for the right to both be recognized as parents after adopting from abroad.