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Dad throws gender rules out the window, dressing and dancing as Elsa with son

Dad throws gender rules out the window, dressing and dancing as Elsa with son

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A video of a father and son, dressed as Frozen’s Elsa and dancing to her signature song Let It Go, went viral this week.

Norwegian comedian Ørjan Burøe posted the video on Sunday (20 January) to his Facebook account. It shows him and his four-year-old son, Dexter, wearing Elsa’s iconic blue dress and performing delightful choreography.

Burøe told CBS News that, to Dexter, ‘Elsa is a superhero’.

In explaining why he posted the video, and joined his son in the first place, he said: ‘It’s important to teach children you can do whatever you want to do. It’s important to embarrass yourself and let go.’

He captioned the video: ‘Mom is gone, no stress.’

Responses to the video

Many of the comments on the video were positive, with people praising Burøe for the type of father and role model he is, and bucking gender roles.

One person wrote that this video is ‘what healthy masculinity looks like’.

Facebook comment
Preach | Photo: Facebook

Other people took some umbrage with the fashion choices. Meanwhile, some comments inquired where Burøe acquired the adult-sized Elsa dress.

Facebook comment
What would Tim Gunn think? | Photo: Facebook
Facebook comment
Praise be to heels | Photo: Facebook

One commenter, Rob Vlasblom, immediately highlighted the importance of such encouragement from parents.

‘If i had a father like u, i may not have lived the first 27 years of my life in the closet,’ he wrote.

Facebook comment
brb grabbing the tissues | Photo: Facebook

Naturally, there was one person who took issue with the video… Piers Morgan.

On Twitter, he complained about CBS referring to Burøe as ‘BEST DAD’ — because others fathers in the world play football with their sons. There is, of course, nothing wrong with fathers playing football with their children, but Morgan’s comment pepetuates the harmful idea of how sons should be raised.

Piers Morgan tweets about dad in Elsa dress
Sigh | Photo: Twitter @piersmorgan

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