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This dad dressed as Caitlyn Jenner for Halloween, and trans people aren't happy

The costume only reinforced the incorrect idea that trans women are just men in dresses

This dad dressed as Caitlyn Jenner for Halloween, and trans people aren't happy
Vonderahe's offensive Halloween costume

Ohio-based college student Mac Vonderahe posted a picture of her father’s Halloween costume on Twitter.

For the first half the night, Vonderahe dressed up as pre-transition Jenner in her Olympic uniform. For the second half, he put on a wig, heels, and a dress to ‘become’ Jenner now. He completed the costume with a nametag that said ‘Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner.’

The Tweet quickly went viral, but got a lot of backlash from transgender people who believe the costume to be insensitive.

Negative reactions

‘It’s so funny haha over 40% of trans ppl attempt suicide & 25+ trans ppl have been murdered in the US this yr haha nice costume tho,’ one Twitter user wrote in response.

Many pointed out that using Jenner’s deadname on the nametag and putting Caitlyn in quotes was disrespectful.

It’s also apparent that Vonderahe dressed as Jenner as a mockery, not out of admiration.

‘There are plenty of reasons why cisgender men should never dress up as transgender women for Halloween. For one, when men dress as trans women, they’re essentially equating a trans woman’s womanhood with the “man in a dress” trope found throughout transphobic depictions of trans women,’ writes Ana Valens for The Daily Dot.

‘Cisgender men that dress up as transgender women often do so for a cheap laugh. They perpetuate society’s ongoing anxiety with trans women’s bodies, reinforcing insensitive stereotypes that suggest people assigned male at birth must be men, and people assigned female at birth must be women—which is nothing short of transphobia. Therefore, this sort of costume reinforces that it’s OK to be openly mean and hostile against trans people, perhaps even violent,’ Valens continues.

GSN has reached out to Mac Vonderahe for comment.

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