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Daily Mail claims not stocking their paper is homophobic

Daily Mail claims not stocking their paper is homophobic

Daily Mail will not be available on Virgin Trains Credit: Flickr

A prominent Daily Mail journalist has hit back after it was announced Virgin Trains would no longer be selling the newspaper.

In one of the most unusual arguments for its existence, investigations reporter Paul Bentley has slammed the Richard Branson-owned rail company.

Virgin says Daily Mail is not ‘compatible’ with its brand

This has come after Virgin said it would not sell the newspaper on its west coast mainline as it was ‘not compatible’ with its brand or beliefs.

In an internal memo, employees had raised concerns ‘about the Mail’s editorial position on issues such as immigration, LGBT rights and unemployment.’

The paper hit back, accusing Virgin Trains of ‘censoring the choice of newspapers it offers to passengers.’

But not only that, investigations reporter Bentley has claimed his place of work is not opposed to LGBT rights.

Mail’s content ‘written by many proud gay people’

‘At the Mail, gay journalists have senior positions across news, politics, features,’ he said.

‘The Mail had the first gay sports editor. Banning the Mail – and content written by many proud gay people – is a political decision that has nothing to do with journalism.’

The right-wing paper has repeatedly engaged in casual homophobia, written several transphobic headlines, and attacked trans charity Mermaids.

MailOnline, the Daily Mail, and the Mail on Sunday, in 2017 alone, wrote 37 opinion pieces attacking transgender people.

Trading blows

A spokesperson for the Daily Mail said: ‘It is disgraceful that, at a time of massive customer dissatisfaction over ever-increasing rail fares, and after the taxpayer was forced to bail out Virgin’s East Coast mainline franchise – a decision strongly criticized by the Mail – that Virgin Trains should now announce that for political reasons it is censoring the choice of newspapers it offers to passengers.

‘For the record, Virgin used to sell only 70 Daily Mails a day. They informed us last November that to save space, they were restricting sales to just three newspapers: the Mirror, FT and Times. They gave no other reason, but it may be no coincidence that all those titles, like Virgin owner Sir Richard Branson, are pro-remain.’

And a spokesperson for Virgin Trains said: ‘We regularly review the products we have on sale for customers in the shop onboard our west coast trains and after listening to feedback from our people, we decided in November 2017 that we would no longer stock copies of the Daily Mail.

‘When we stocked the Daily Mail onboard, we sold one copy for every four trains.’

Twitter responds

On Twitter, people responded: