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The Daily Mail is now claiming gay marriage caused Brexit

The Daily Mail is now claiming gay marriage caused Brexit

UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Britain wouldn’t be about to leave the EU if David Cameron hadn’t pushed through same-sex marriage, because it handed power to the right.

That’s according to leading columnist Dominic Lawson, brother to TV domestic goddess Nigella Lawson and son of former Conservative chancellor Lord Nigel Lawson.

Prime Minister Cameron cited same-sex marriage equality as one of his great achievements on Friday morning in his resignation speech, following the UK referendum voting for Brexit.

And Charles Moore, former editor of right wing publications, The Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, The Spectator, as well as being Margaret Thatcher’s official biographer, has gone further.

Moore said, that as a result of losing his bid for Britain to remain in the EU, Cameron ‘has to be content with little more than gay marriage as his legacy’.

In a Daily Mail column today, Lawson writes: ‘In fact these apparently unrelated matters are inextricably linked.

‘If it were not for David Cameron’s decision to legalise marriage between people of the same sex – a measure I supported – Britain would not now be on her way out of the EU.’

He argues the passing of the law in 2013 split the Conservative Party – and the Tories most opposed, in Parliament and around the country, also were Eurosceptics.

This pushed right-wing Conservatives towards Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party.

Lawson writes: ‘This was seized on by Nigel Farage. I had lunch with UKIP’s leader at that time. I recall … how gleeful he was at the way the gay marriage row was sending shire Tories in droves to switch to UKIP membership.

‘Though Farage himself is a libertarian, and definitely no moralist, he exploited this to the full.’

To win these people back and avoid losing seats to UKIP in the 2015 election, Cameron had to offer an in-or-out referendum on our EU membership, Lawson claims.

He concludes by speculating if Cameron is now thinking: ‘If it hadn’t been for gay marriage, I would not now be facing this ruination.’

A GSN straw poll suggests three-quarters of LGBTIs wanted the UK to remain in the EU. The vote has caused political and economic chaos and a fight-back has started to avoid Brexit.

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