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LGBT charity slams Daily Mail journo for posing as 13-year-old trans kid

LGBT charity slams Daily Mail journo for posing as 13-year-old trans kid

A model wearing a binder.

An LGBT advocacy group has called out a British newspaper for a ‘misleading and inaccurate’ article about trans people.

A Mail on Sunday journalist called the LGBT Foundation posing as a 13-year-old trans kid, the charity explained.

According to their statement, the journalist reached out to the charity to access the binder scheme they provide. Binders are pieces of clothing similar to sports bras that people wore to flatten the appearance of the chest area.

Wearing a safe binder as opposed to resorting to DIY methods is crucial for trans boys. LGBT Foundation provides young trans kids with binders on a confidential basis. They, in fact, send parcels free of charge and with no indication of what they contained.

‘The person who took the call sought advice from a trained Safeguarding Officer and were offered access to a binder, on the condition that they would either visit our Community Resource Center to try on a binder or could provide chest measurements to ensure that the correct sized binder was provided,’ LGBT Foundation said.

‘They also received detailed advice on safe binding, including how long to bind for, when not to bind, and guidance to safe and comfortable use.’

The reporting uses transphobic language

However, the Mail on Sunday published the results of that investigation yesterday (1 December) highlighting how binding might be dangerous.

‘A transgender charity is giving girls as young as 13 potentially dangerous breast-flattening devices without telling their parents,’ the article reads.

The story also uses some transphobic language.

‘[Binding devices] are used by a growing number of girls who believe they are the wrong sex to disguise their breasts and make them look like boys,’ the reporter also wrote.

This is not the first time The Mail has been called out for its transphobic reporting. Earlier this year, The Daily Mail was criticized for deadnaming and outing two trans women in the army.

Posing as a young trans person

In the story, the journalist clearly stated someone called the LGBT Foundation masquerading as a young trans person.

‘An undercover reporter posing as a 13-year-old schoolgirl contacted Manchester based MORF, part of the LBGT Foundation,’ they wrote.

The reporter followed the tip of an ‘angry mother’ complaining the group had sent her 14-year-old daughter a chest binder.

Why having access to safe binders is important

‘Many trans people, and younger people in particular, have nowhere else to turn for confidential information and support on binding,’ the LGBT Foundation further explained.

The group also said that that quality binders are often too expensive for people to buy.

‘The service we provide to trans people can save lives and change them for the better,’ they continued.

‘Throughout our history, the community has come under attack, and the relentless broadside that trans people are currently experiencing is the latest manifestation of this.’

GSN has reached out to the Mail on Sunday for further comment.

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