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Daily Mail seems like it’s very angry Austria didn’t elect a Neo-Nazi president

Daily Mail seems like it’s very angry Austria didn’t elect a Neo-Nazi president

Norbert Hofer lost Austria's presidential election

MailOnline, the online version of the Daily Mail, is mourning an actual Nazi losing the Austria presidential election.

On Sunday (4 December), Norbert Hofer, one of the leaders of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), was beaten to the post of Federal President by liberal candidate Alexander Van der Bellen.

If he had succeeded, Hofer would have been the first far-right politician to become head of state in Europe since World War II and Hitler’s rise to power.

Opinion polls showed Hofer to be the likely winner of the election, but on Sunday night he admitted defeat when it became clear that Van der Bellen had collected more than 53% of votes.

His party, the FPÖ, was founded by former Nazis; its first leader was Anton Reinthaller, a former SS officer and member of the Nazi government.

And the Daily Mail seems to be very angry there won’t be a Neo-Nazi moving into the Hofburg, the Austrian president’s official residence.

‘Is Europe’s Brexit revolution over,’ one of their headlines reads.

‘Gloating left-wing supporters wave “Thank God” signs after far-right candidate LOSES Austrian presidential election which was set to deliver body blow to the EU’.

They helpfully point out how Hofer ‘often carries a Glock pistol’, which he is allowed to under Austrian law, and how Hofer’s supporters said he would prove he’s not a Nazi if he was elected.

What the Daily Mail (unsurprisingly) fails to mention is Hofer’s and his party’s anti-immigration stance, as well as their islamophobic policies.

It wouldn’t be the first time the Daily Mail supported a fascist political party – having supported Hitler in the 1930s under the control of its first owner Lord Rothermere.


Hofer’s party also oppose LGBTI equality, including marriage equality and adoption rights, and even want to overturn civil partnerships.

‘We are committed to the primacy of marriage between man and woman as a special form of child protection,’ their party program states.

‘Only the partnership between man and women enables society to have a wealth of children.

‘We reject a separate legal institution for same-sex relationships.’

Hofer is also a member of the völkische (roughly translating as ehtnic or national, and commonly used in a Nazi context) Burschenschaft Marko-Germania, a German fencing student fraternity.

Apart from rejecting the ‘anti-historic fiction of an Austrian nation’, saying it should be part of Germany instead, they also often wear the blue cornflower, which was used as a symbol of recognition by Austrian Nazis in the 30s.