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Daily Mail thinks this fish is transgender and readers are hilariously outraged

Daily Mail thinks this fish is transgender and readers are hilariously outraged

The Asian sheepshead wrasse is the largest species of wrasse

Daily Mail believes there is such thing as a transgender fish.

David Attenborough narrates the popular nature documentary series, Blue Planet.

Blue Planet II begins airing this weekend (29 October).

The documentary has captured previously unseen footage of the Asian Sheepshead Wrasse changing gender.

The Daily Mail has reported the fish as being ‘transgender’ and say there are other species of ‘transgender fish.’

They say the fish can ‘unexpectedly switch gender.’

Sequential hermaphroditism is the scientific term for what happened.

It refers to when a fish, slug, snail or plant changes sex at some point during its life.

There are a few reasons as to why an animal may change sex.

Reproductive success and continued survival are the main reasons.

It can also happen due to environmental factors or chemical triggers but scientists do not yet fully understand this.


People have had some interesting reactions

Daily Mail causing controversy

The Daily Mail often publishes controversial headlines regarding the LGBTI community.

This summer, the UK’s largest trans children’s charity Mermaids found itself in the firing line following a Daily Mail headline.

Daily Mail wrote in August: ‘How 800 children as young as 10 have been given sex change drugs.’

The headline resulted in Mermaids being targeted with hate comments, and having to block 20 profiles a day.

Daily Mail caused controversy again in October after outing a young gay Conservative.

The article showed pictures of young Conservatives on a night out after the Conservative Party conference.

The unnamed 19-year-old explained: ‘At the moment I’m living in fear, I don’t feel like I can even leave the house because of what people might say.’