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Dallas police arrest one after brutal beating of transgender woman

Dallas police arrest one after brutal beating of transgender woman

Trans woman Muhlaysia Booker was treated like a 'punching bag'

Police in Dallas, Texas on Sunday (15 April) arrested a man in connection with the brutal beating of a transgender woman last week.

Edward Thomas, 29, has not yet been charged but could face hate crime charges, according to the Washington Post.

Police are continuing to canvass the neighborhood for more suspects.

Footage that went viral over the weekend allegedly shows a mob violently attacking 23-year-old Muhlaysia Booker following a traffic incident on Friday (12 April).

The video shows several men repeatedly kicking and punching Booker. They later drag her along the ground.

The video ends with three other women helping Booker up.

Booker’s relatives told NBC she was beaten unconscious. She also suffered facial fractures and a broken arm.

A police department spokesperson said they were ‘investigating this offense and reviewing all available evidence to determine if it will be classified as a hate crime’.

‘Extremely angry’

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings denounced the attack.

‘I am extremely angry about what appears to be mob violence against this woman’ he said.

‘Those who did this do not represent how Dallasites feel about our thriving LGBTQ community. We will not stand for this kind of behavior’.

Booker took to Facebook to thank people for their support:

‘Thank you so much its a blessing being lucky enough to witness the love and respect im getting and thank you to all my genuine friends that been with me through this journey and knowing the real me knowing nobody deserves that’ she wrote.

The FBI recorded 7,175 hate crimes in the US in 2017. Among them, 1,130 were based on sexual orientation bias and 119 on gender identity bias.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, 22 transgender people were killed in the US last year.

And more than 100 of those victims were people of color, according to the report.