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Dan Savage makes a toast to Washington’s new marriage law

Dan Savage makes a toast to Washington’s new marriage law

Columnist Dan Savage raised a glass of champagne to those newly married Washington couples (Savage lives in Seattle).

Yesterday (9 December), the noted writer was a guest on the MSNBC news show Up w/ Chris Hayes. The show’s host and Savage had a glass of bubbly to celebrate the recent developments in the marriage equality battle.

Savage also discussed what might happen in the future with the Supreme Court’s upcoming marriage cases. While he acknowledges the justices could decide against nuptial rights, Savage thinks the court will eventually stand for equal treatment.

‘If we lose at the Supreme Court, there’s other cases because we are going to keep living, existing, coming out, marrying and suing until we get justice.’

He also pointed out why marriage right are important for LGBT families and couples.

‘When you marry, you get to declare your next of kin,’ Savage said. ‘You get to choose. It’s empowering to say this person is my next of kin, not my parents, siblings or distant cousins who may be alive.’

In early November Washington, Maine and Maryland became the first US states to legalize same-sex marriage by the ballot box. Six other states have already enacted marriage equality, including: New York, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and the District of Columbia (Washington, DC).

Below is a clip from Savage’s appearance: