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Dan Savage thanks straight allies for gay marriage

Dan Savage thanks straight allies for gay marriage

It wasn’t just the gay community that made the 2012 US elections historic for marriage equality.

Author, journalist and founder of the It Gets Better campaign Dan Savage wants to publicly thank the straight allies who worked and volunteered to block Minnesota’s anti-gay marriage amendment and helped marriage equality pass in Maine, Maryland and Washington and Minnesota.

Photos and stories from all over America show straight couples, PFLAG moms with their gays sons, gay-straight alliance youth choirs and World War II veterans who spoke up for equal rights.

In a recent Savage Love article, the author said: ‘Last week on my blog, I floated the idea of having a big party for all the straight people who came through for us in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington State. But all those straight people wouldn’t fit in a single ballroom. But we can fit them on a single Tumblr page.

What better way to show the world we’re not alone than with pictures of our straight allies? After all, like the website says: ‘We couldn’t have done it without them’.

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