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Daniel Franzese hopes HBO’s Looking finale will lead to more films

Daniel Franzese hopes HBO’s Looking finale will lead to more films

Daniel Franzese just isn’t ready to say goodbye to his character of Eddie on HBO’s Looking.

The series about a group of gay male friends navigating life and love in modern day San Francisco was canceled last year after two seasons.

But a finale was promised to disappointed fans and it will premiere on 23 July as Looking: The Movie.

Franzese describes the experience of going back to San Francisco to film the finale with co-stars Jonathan Groff, Russell Tovey, Frankie J.Alvarez and Murray Bartlett among other as ‘bittersweet.’

‘We love each other and it was such an unusual gift to get canceled and still be given this opportunity to revisit the characters one last time and give the fans some closure,’ Franzese told Gay Star News at the recent An Evening With Women event in Hollywood.

Was it closure for him?

‘No,’ he admitted. ‘I’m hoping we do another Looking movie in a few years or something.’

He likes the precedent set by HBO’s Sex and the City which left the air after six seasons but returned in the form of two feature films.

‘I would love it. Why not? Maybe I’ll raise the money myself. Who knows? I just really did love my role.’

His character of Eddie has been one of the few HIV-positive characters on television in recent years.

Franzese joined the series in season two as a man who volunteers at a homeless shelter for LGBTI youth and becomes the love interest of Agustin (Alvarez).

‘I thought we were doing something really important with the HIV storyline especially and I hope that characters like Eddie can continue to inspire more HIV storylines,’ Franzese said.

‘Because with 1.2 million people in America that are HIV positive, one or two characters on TV is just not enough and unacceptable.’

Franzese was previously best known for his role as Damien in the 2004 film Mean Girls. He came out publicly during the film’s 10th anniversary.

Most recently he was a regular on the series Recovery Road which was officially canceled last week.