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Daniel Franzese’s mom schools racist, fat-shaming and femme-shaming Grindr users

Daniel Franzese’s mom schools racist, fat-shaming and femme-shaming Grindr users

Daniel Franzese, best known for his starring roles in ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Looking,’ has brought his Italian mom, Denise, on set for her to drop some truth bombs on modern day culture of finding love/sex through dating apps.

Holding her son’s phone in her hands, Denise went on to give her first impression of Grindr: ‘99% of this is all sexual,’ she described.

Scrolling through the app, the mom remained unconvinced by what the profiles seemed to promise: ‘Now, how are you gonna know anybody? I don’t even see his face, all you see is his chest.’

She added, ‘I mean, he’s got a hot chest, but like, that’s not what it’s all about. That’s why we’re having problems.’

The mom clearly wasn’t a fan of how sexual Grindr can be and said that using it is like ‘going to Vegas and picking up some prostitutes.’

She went on to expose the looks-obsessed culture of the gay men community.

‘Everybody is gorgeous there, there’s no question about it, [but] what if you’re not that pretty?’ she asked.

She also warned people about the risks of online dating, such as meeting up with a total stranger and getting into danger. Think: Craigslist killer.

And when Daniel shared that some Grindr users would even include fat-shaming and femme-shaming descriptions on their profiles such as ‘no fats, no femmes,’ Denise blew up.

‘Shame on you. Then you don’t deserve nobody, OK? Stay by yourself!’ the mother exclaimed. ‘In Italian we’d call you. In Italian we call you miserabile — you’re miserable, stay that way!’

Daniel added that there are those who would give racist comments such as ‘no Asians, no Blacks.’

‘Terrible!’ Denise said. ‘Stay by yourself, that’s where you belong.’

Yes, preach it, mama!


Just last week, Daniel announced that he’s engaged to his partner Joseph Bradley Phillips on Twitter.

Daniel Franzese is engaged!