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An open letter to Daniel May: ‘’I see a liar – maybe that’s exactly what you wanted?’

An open letter to Daniel May: ‘’I see a liar – maybe that’s exactly what you wanted?’

Dan Beeson has a few home truths for British Reality TV participant Daniel May


Dear Daniel,

You have been click-baiting the gay media into covering your fabricated stories – and you succeeded.

When you first came to the British public’s attention on Channel 4’s dating show First Dates, saying ‘camp men make me embarrassed to be gay’, I thought you were just a close minded idiot with an opinion, but an opinion none the less.

Once that story had run its course I thought we’d heard the end of the sparkly-blazered Daniel May, so I was surprised to see you bounce back with claims of being the victim of a homophobic attack.

But here’s the thing, your story didn’t make sense: You left a trail of anomalies. You didn’t live up to the victim persona you were trying to play. Your attempt to use what allegedly happened to you to launch your career with a topless Big Brother audition tape just seemed crass.

To put it bluntly: We didn’t know exactly what your end game was, but we could see it wasn’t genuine.

Your latest admission in an interview with GuysLikeU – that you lied about being attacked to remain in the media spotlight – proved no surprise to us. A disappointment, but not a surprise.

One of two things are going on here: You think you have the veil pulled over our eyes and are getting away with it. Or you’re well aware fraud has a short life span but will do, or say, anything to stay in the spotlight.

The problem is your lies dismay and distress the people who are really going through issues you have faked. Your lies trivialise their lives.

To admit lying about being injured in a homophobic attack completely discredits you. Whatever shred of truth may be found in anything you say or do in the future, you have lost our trust.

It pains me to say that because if there is any truth to the problems you claim to face, you deserve our support. But it’s now hard to credit that anything you say is true. I find it coincidental that three prominent issues in the gay community – homophobic abuse, chemsex and mental health – have all apparently made you their victim.

I myself have struggled with a mental health issue. I hope you will read about that here. I can’t express to you the pain, struggle and fear of feeling like a part of you has died. But it has, at least, given me enough experience to see right through you.

Your 15 minutes of fame is running out. When it’s over I sincerely hope you look at yourself and see what I see and take the steps you need to become a more honest, decent person for your own sake. You could still redeem yourself and regain the trust and love of those you have lied to.

In the spirit of growth, I’d like to you read this:

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Right now I see a liar – maybe that’s exactly what you wanted?

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