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Danny Dyer hits out at homophobic Eastenders comments on Twitter

Danny Dyer hits out at homophobic Eastenders comments on Twitter

Cockney actor Danny Dyer has taken a stand against the homophobic reaction of a recent Eastenders storyline.


The Football Factory actor, who recently joined the British soap opera, found himself at the end of a barrage of hateful messages on Twitter following an emotional scene on last night’s episode (3 January).


Messages aimed at Dyer included: ‘Eastenders go and do something good like getting Danny Dyer involved then destroy it with more gay people makes me sick’, and ‘Asif Danny Dyer would have a gay son though, he would have had him put down at birth!’


On Twitter, Dyer said: ‘Here’s a little message for some of the homophobic pricks who are tweeting me…..happy new year.’


The message was accompanied with an image showing the directions of ‘what to do with your opinion’ – in this case, stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.


Dyer’s response drew praise on Twitter, with one user saying: ‘This is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen on Twitter #respect.’




In emotional scenes in last night’s episode, Dyer’s character (Mick) told his son, Johnny Carter (played by Sam Strike) he would be fine if he came out as gay.


He said: ‘You know what Nancy was sayin’…you know, about you being gay… I just wanted to say, if she wasn’t layin’, it would be OK.


‘I’ll be honest with you, if I had a son who wore makeup and he was all camp and that, I would find it…a bit weird. But, I know that being gay isn’t a choice, it’s just in you – it’s who you are.’


Johnny eventually found the courage to come out to his dad, with Mick reassuring him he is proud of him.