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You need to see this artist’s dark and sexy Lady Gaga mashup

You need to see this artist’s dark and sexy Lady Gaga mashup

Artist Corvyx

No one does Lady Gaga like Lady Gaga — but artist CORVYX comes close in his newest music video.

The Mother Monster Mashup is a cover mashup of Gaga’s biggest hits. It’s not just a simple recreation of her videos and songs, however.

Corvyx does something new with the music, making it his own, as well as honoring her. He spoke to GSN about this process and why he decided to take on this monumental creative project.

‘Gaga is one of the most influential pop stars of our time with perhaps the most iconic discographies we’ve seen to date,’ he told us, sharing his admiration for the icon.

‘I really noticed Gaga when she dropped The Fame Monster and I’ve been a fan ever since. I decided if I was going to take on Mother Monster, I’d have to go BIG.’

He also told GSN that he couldn’t decide on one record, so he decided to branch out and do multiple.

Paying respect and being original

Corvyx told GSN the most difficult part of this video was ‘paying homage to Gaga without directly copying her most iconic eras’.

‘Covering an artist is always tricky because I try to reimagine and create something new while giving the original artist/record the respect it deserves,’ he explained.

Previously, he’s covered songs like Praying by Kesha and God Is A Woman by Ariana Grande.

Corvyx is also excited about Gaga’s upcoming Oscar chances, and told us what it is about her that he admires so much.

‘I’ve always seen Gaga as performance art act and not just a generic popstar. She is a walking statement constantly wearing new skins and evolving when it’s time to shed the skin,’ he said.

‘Her portrayal of Ally in A Star is Born was absolutely worthy of an Oscar.’

Corvyx has plans to release his first original EP this fall.

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