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Dating site created for Trump voters who are tired of being told they’re homophobic

Dating site created for Trump voters who are tired of being told they’re homophobic is the dating site for singles who support President Donald Trump.

Established in May last year, the site aims to bring like-minded singles together.

Co-founder Dave Goss believes the site will ‘bring America back together again.’

Goss told iNews that not all Trump supporters are ‘terrible, horrible, homophobic misogynists’ who hate minorities.

‘It’s hard to go out and find dates just with the regular populace,’ he said.

‘Instead of wasting your time going on these dates where you might end up being called a racist and being walked out on, you have a better chance of having a healthy relationship.’ doesn’t collect information on race or sexuality and is open for anybody to use.

‘We want people to come in and just use the site – it doesn’t matter what creed, religion or nationality,’ Goss said.

The site now has over 26,000 users, including 8,000 who signed up after President Trump’s successful election.

After the US, Russia has the highest number of users, followed by Australia and then the UK.

Users are 44% women but Goss admits it’s hard to weed out the trolls.

One user called himself ‘Adolf Hitler, 47, from Berlin’

But Goss believes most people are just in it for love: ‘It won’t waste their time or their money.

‘We had one woman who said they went to a gun range on their first date and then dinner.

‘As far as I know they’ve set up to go on a third date,’ Goss said.

Ultimately, Goss wants the site to bring people together and try to bridge the division he sees in America right now.

‘As an American, I want to see us come back together.

‘If we’re able to come back together and it makes my site obsolete, I’m 100 per cent ok with that.

‘My country being whole again is far more important to me than this dating site,’ he said.