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Daughter of homophobic executive of Focus of the Family on why she came out as lesbian

Daughter of homophobic executive of Focus of the Family on why she came out as lesbian

A daughter of one of the most virulently homophobic voices in the United States has come out as a lesbian.

Amber Cantorna has chosen to come out even though her father helps to lead Focus on the Family – an extremely homophobic faith organization.

It has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight against marriage equality, advocated for dangerous ‘gay cure’ therapy, and fought against same-sex parents having adoption rights.

They are also one of the lead supporters of anti-trans bathroom bills.

And when she came out to friends and family, she was immediately rejected by her family and was excommunicated from her church.

‘My family and I were always close,’ she told Out Front magazine.

‘We did everything together… So this pressure, feeling like I had to filter everything I did and said to ultimately make them comfortable, was exhausting. I got to the point where I felt like, no matter the cost, I had to be authentic with myself.’

She said she was ‘very close’ to committing suicide, and this is part of why she decided to write a memoir.

‘All the devastation I went through, the loss, the grief… A lot of those memories are still tender.’

But is she still a Christian?

‘I’ll always be a person of faith and have a relationship with God,’ she told the Denver Post.

‘But it’s embarrassing to call yourself a Christian with the way that so many people are treating others in the name of God. I still identify as a Christian but very much more on the progressive side.’

Cantorna and wife Clara live in Denver, and is now working as a motivational speaker. She founded Beyond, a nonprofit helping LGBTI people of faith come out.

‘If someone had told me ten years ago that I’d one day be writing a book advocating for LGBTQ people in the church, I would have scoffed and said they were crazy,’ Cantorna writes in her book.